Filozofická Fakulta

Interdisciplinární kurz "Medieval Conceptual Conflics and Contrasts: Text and Image"

Wednesday, 17.30 – 19, Room 301

Course Code: AAA500151

The seminar is the third of six-semester long guest lecture series in medieval studies focused on medieval conceptual and social conflicts and contrasts. The spring semester of 2016/2017 is focused on various aspects of complex relationships between medieval texts and images.

The course is aimed at PhD students and advanced MA students but anyone interested in, or working on, any aspect of medieval studies is most cordially welcome.

Five credits for the course, conducted in English, are worth regular attendance (three absences maximum) and a successful completion of a final test.

22 February    Lenka Panušková (ÚDU ČSAV):

“Who was the Reader of the Passional of the Abbess Cunigonde? Passion Imagery and Devotion in St George Monastery, Prague“

1 March          Alixe Bovey (The Courtauld Institute of Art, London)

The Smithfield Decretals: The Art of Storytelling in Fourteenth-Century London

8 March          Kateřina Horníčková (Universität Wien)

„Earned in Translation? The Antichrist Cycle in the Velislav Bible and the
Representation of the Intellectual Community“

15 March        Sarah James (University of Kent in Canterbury)

„The Friar, the Saint, and the Miraculous Crucifix“

22 March        Karoline Kjesrud (Universitete I Oslo, Institutt for lingvistiske og nordiske studier)

“From the Mother of God to the Mother of Mary“
29 March        Helena Znojemská (ÚALK FF UK)

“The Franks Casket and the Appositive Style”

5 April             Vincent Gillespie (University of Oxford)

“Man of Sorrows”

12 April           Emily Guerry (University of Kent in Canterbury)

“Passion relics and Patrons between Paris and Prague“ 

19 April           Tomáš Klír (ÚPA, FF UK)

"Images that heat - stove tiles in late medieval Bohemia"

26 April           Gabriella Mazzon (Universität Innsbruck):

“Pathos as rhetorical strategy in drama and art of the Middle Ages: a comparison of visual and verbal acts of communication“

3 May              Mary Carruthers: (New York University; University of  Oxford)

“Cognitive Geometries“

10 May           Helen Cooper (University of Cambridge)

“The Living and the Dead“ (the 'three living and the three dead', the Dance of Death, and the Towneley play of Lazarus).

17 May           Dr Deirdre Jackson (Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge)

“The Colours of Fortune”

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