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Prague is certainly a great city to study the art history because of the great number of its architectural and artistic monuments ranging from the Middle Ages up to the 21th century as well as for its large fine arts displays. Prague also offers a lot of international cultural events, important exhibitions of contemporary art and number of other cultural venues. While Prague is certainly the most important place in the Czech Republic from art history point of view, there are also many other places of interest that are easily accessible from the capital.
The Institute of Art History is a place with a friendly atmosphere. There are over ten intern teachers as well as some externs and over three hundred students (either bachelor degree or doctoral). The foreign students come from many different countries (mainly Germany, Spain and Poland, but also from Japan or the United States) mainly through the Erasmus/Socrates programmes.
The range of topics of our study program goes from ancient art & architecture up to the art of second half of the 20th century including both international and local art history (Bohemia and the former Czechoslovakia).
Though the Institute of Art History has no regular lectures and seminars in the main foreign languages, our general programmes are flexible enough to cover the individual needs of every student. The foreign students are encouraged to consult their study plans with the respective teachers and establish their own individual programme.
The credits are awarded on the basis of both individual consultations and essays. The credit value of an essay written by a foreign student is the same as an exam (either oral or written) passed by a local student. The essay can be written in a language agreed between student and respective teacher.
Each summer, we publish an updated schedule for the upcoming year. Foreign students who stay longer or know Czech are encouraged to attend the regular lectures and seminars. It is also highly recommended to attend the English lecture on the evolution of the fine arts in Prague and Bohemia (not organized directly by our Institute) which is held at the main faculty building. In case of your interest, we strongly recommend to mention your interest in it already in the general application because the number of places is limited.
Professor Roman Prahl
Erasmus Coordinator at the Institute of Art History
For some general information you can take a look at the web page of the Faculty of Philosophy:

The Foreign department of the Faculty:
Metro Staroměstská / Main building of the Faculty of Philosophy: náměstí (=square) Jana Palacha 2 / first floor, room 128, Foreign department, Ms. Špronglová /
Phone: 221 619 363

The Erasmus coordinator, Marie Rakušanová
Institute of Art History:
Metro Staroměstská / Metro Náměstí republiky / Celetná street 20 / 4th floor, Room 415 / Doc. PhDr. Marie Rakušanová, Ph.D.


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