Filozofická Fakulta

Seminar of Contemporary Art

Reaching out - Creating Community



Mgr. Zuzana Štefková, Ph.D.

Tel: 731 512 512; e-mail:          

Consultations: After previous e-mail request in the room no. 416 at the Institute of Art History, Celetná 20, Prague


Class Time: Friday 10:50 am – 12:25 pm 

Location: Galleries and locations according to the syllabus


Course Description:

This seminar seeks to acquaint students with different approaches and strategies of contemporary art and introduce a wide range of figures operating within Czech and international contemporary art scene. During this fall we will concentrate on various strategies by means of which contemporary art institution are reaching out of the traditional gallery goers sphere and try to broaden their audiences and activate their potential thus turning spectators into spect-actors. Together we will explore Prague galleries and art institutions, meet artists and curators and discuss their approaches to art, audience(s) and the society at large. The choice of the sites of interest will reflect current offer of the local art scene.




15. prosinec 2019

P dr. Biegel sděluje, že v pondělí 16. 12. nebude Úvod do památkové péče a dále nebudou v úterý...

13. prosinec 2019

Pí doc. Marie Rakušanová tento týden (od 9. do 13. 12.) pro nemoc nepřednáší, nemá seminář, ani...

09. prosinec 2019