Filozofická Fakulta

Seminar of Contemporary Art


Mgr. Zuzana Štefková, Ph.D.


Tel: 731 512 512; e-mail:           

Consultations: Thursday 11:30 – 12:30 am or upon request

Class Time: Friday 10:50 am – 12:25 pm 

Location: Galleries and locations according to the syllabus


Course Description:

This seminar seeks to acquaint students with different approaches and strategies of contemporary art and introduce a wide range of figures operating within Czech and international contemporary art scene. This will be done by means of direct contact and exploration of Prague galleries and the cities’ exteriors. The choice of the sites of interest will reflect the current offer of the local art scene. The course participants will be responding to selected works of art and curatorial concepts based on their direct exposure to and personal experience with the works.

Course Requirements: 

In class review of an exhibition

Students are asked to choose one exhibition/artist from the list of topics below and present a short (10-15 minutes) review of this exhibition (there will be a new list of exhibitions shared with the students in the beginning of the spring semester). 

Oral presentation 

Part of the evaluation is a short (10-15 minutes) oral presentation of each student’s final assignment topic. This presentation should be spoken or read and include visual aids. The presentation will take place during the spring semester 2017 (dates will be specified).

Exhibition journal

Students should keep an exhibition journal throughout the semester with short (5-10 sentences) descriptions of visited exhibitions (due Jan 5 and May 18 (Midnight)).

Writing Assignment - Final essay

Students are asked to write a paper on topic related to issues addressed during the gallery visits. It should most importantly show the students’ ability to contextualize the works, exhibitions, curatorial concepts they were exposed to. The paper must have at least 9000 characters (with spaces). Students should feel free to consult their topic and submit the first draft of their paper beforehand. The deadline for choosing the topic is the end of March. The deadline for submission of the final essay is May 18. No essays will be accepted after this deadline.

Assessment and final grade:

Evaluation: The final grade will be based on the results of in-class presentation 20%, final paper 30%, gallery journal i.e. list of visited galleries and museum with a short description of each exhibition 10% (each semester), and active participation on the seminar's activities and discussions 30%.

The following weekly schedule may be subject to change. In such case the lecturer would send announcement via email prior class.

Week 1:

Artwall Gallery
Classroom no. 411
Week 2:
Fear of the Unknown
National Technical Library
Technická 6, Prague 6
Week 3:
Universal Hospitality 2
Futura Gallery
Holečkova 49, Prague 5
Week 4:
Universal Hospitality 2
Gallery MeetFactory
Ke Sklárně 3213/15, Prague 5
Week 5:
Lily Alma Rayner: Some Things My Father Put Inside My Vagina
Artwall Gallery
Embankment Kapitána Jaroše and Edvarda Beneše, Prague 7
Week 6:
Jiří Skála: Genres of Everyday
Entrance Gallery
Markétská 28, Prague 6
Week 7:
Parallel Chronologies
Dittrichova 9/337, Prague 2
Week 8:
Without Firm Ground. Vilém Flusser and the Arts
AMU Gallery
Malostranské náměstí 12, Prague 1
Week 9:
Ai-WeiWei: Law of the Journey
National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace
Dukelských hrdinů 47, Prague 7
Epos 257: Retro-Reflection
National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace
Dukelských hrdinů 47, Prague 7
Week 10:
Gerhard Richter
National Gallery, Kinský Palace
Staroměstské Sq. 12, Prague 1
Week 11:
Angry Planet
National Technical Library
Technická 6, Prague 6
Week 12:
František Skála Riding School
Waldstein Riding School
Valdštejnská 3, Prague 1
Week 13:
Student Presentations

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se koná ve čtvrtek 5. 10. 2017 od 10h20 v místnosti 415c. Účast pro všechny studenty je povinná...

25. září 2017

se koná v pondělí 2.10.2017 od 10h v místnosti 415c (Celetná 20). Účast pro všechny studenty...

25. září 2017

Pí doc. Marie Rakušanová oznamuje, že v zimním semestru 2017 - 2018 budou její konzultace vždy...

18. září 2017

P. dr. Macek sděluje, že poslední možnost, kdy s ním lze konzultovat, bude v pátek 15. 9. 2017...

14. září 2017

P. dr. Macek oznamuje, že i přes probíhající rekonstrukci topení v sekretariátu a kabinetech...

05. září 2017

Pí dr. Kateřina Adamcová bude v září 2017 konzultovat v těchto termínech:

04. září 2017